Research suggests that writing down notes, thoughts, and ideas with a pen or pencil helps the author retain this information better than through the use of a keyboard. 

A recent article in Inc. pointed out three major advantages of writing with a pen or pencil over simply using a keyboard:

You learn faster.
You're more creative.
You're more focused.

These theories have long been supported in the educational community. Teachers are encouraged to teach students through the use of as many senses as possible to help enhance learning. Effective teachers engage students through hearing, sight, and tactile experiences, one of the biggest of which is having students write down the material in notes, through written work, or other means using the student's sense of touch.

So, how can you marry this idea with the convenience of modern forms of communication? So many conveniences exist for those of us who work in digital marketing and other areas in which our computer, phone, or tablet is an integral part of what we do each day. I can share my own materials with each of the devices I have, meaning the days of toting around an actual notepad are all but gone.

Leave it to the folks at Apple to find a solution that works - at least for me. 

I recently purchased an iPad Pro for use in my business along with an Apple Pencil. Of course, I also purchased a keyboard to use as well, but the two items work seamlessly together to create a great note-taking experience that allows me to use a pencil and gives me a digital copy that I can reference from anywhere.

When I meet with clients about social media marketing, website design, or branding, I take the trusty iPad Pro and Apple Pencil along and take written notes during the meeting. Afterward, I transcribe the notes via keyboard to create yet another pass through my brain to help me retain exactly what was discussed and, more importantly, what the client has asked for. 

This new methodology has significantly reduced the need to call or email the client after our meeting to clarify something. This helps me seem more professional to the client and keeps me even more organized as my marketing work takes off. 

I'm not a shill for Apple even though I enjoy using its products. I use my experience only as an example of ways to combine modern convenience with old-fashioned ways of working. Find what works best for you and chart a new path. You'll be happy that you did, and so will your clients!

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