We all know that the internet is a vast expanse of ... well, something. Have you ever wondered just how vast it is? As of the time of this writing, there are over 1.27 BILLION websites. To be clear, InternetLiveStats.com - where the information I’m referencing in this post comes from - defines “website” as a unique hostname. In total, there are over 3.75 BILLION internet users in the world - roughly half of the planet’s population.

That’s all fine and well, but let’s take a closer look at the internet and pare it down to a little more digestible chunk. Let’s take a look at what happens in ONE SECOND on the internet.

According to InternetLiveStats.com the following happens in just ONE SECOND:

•  49.555 GB of internet traffic

•  63,120 Google searches

•  71,198 YouTube videos viewed

•  2,633,122 emails sent

•  7,795 tweets

•  808 Instagram images uploaded

•  2,812 Skype calls

•  1,298 Tumblr posts

Think about this for a few minutes and let it sink in. Now think about your social media and marketing strategies. How do you find a way to cut through all of the immense amount of ... stuff ... to get your message across to the people you want to find out about your business, follow your social media feeds, and eventually purchase something from you.

Unfortunately, there’s not one single answer to this question. However, there are some ways in which to increase your odds have being successful.

Let’s look again at the stats above and see if there are any trends we can recognize that will help develop a successful campaign.

First, I think the stats (and there is plenty of other evidence to back them up) clearly indicate that video content is king. Over 71,000 YouTube videos are consumed every second. Curiously, InternetLiveStats.com doesn’t track any Facebook statistics, but I submit that the number of videos consumed there would at least rival YouTube.

Creating short, entertaining, and informative videos is an excellent way to present your business to the masses. Your video strategy should include not only traditional “marketing” info such as new products or services, but also should give a glimpse into the “personality” of your business.

For example, if you run a coffee shop, don’t just tell me about your newest variety of beans. Give me some information on how you sourced it. Show video of your staff creating your signature drink or an overview of the roasting process. You’ll gain a lot of followers by letting them peek behind the curtain for a few minutes!

Second, I think the stats clearly show that your social media strategy should include as many channels as possible. If there are over 7,000 tweets and 800 Instagram every second, clearly people are ready to consume your content through those channels, too.

Third, I believe it clearly pays dividends to have a website. There are those who would argue with me on this point and say that a Facebook page or just a simple landing page is enough. I think a website gives a business legitimacy and a “home” that customers can gravitate to when they want to know more about your business.

The “secret sauce” to success in social media is to have a regular schedule of postings, finding your unique voice in your messaging, and utilizing tools at your disposal like hashtags, other influencers, and even paid advertising to increase your reach and engagement. If you follow these general guidelines, you’re well on your way to success!

Are you looking to make an impact on your business through social media and digital marketing? Are you a little unsure on where to start or considering outsourcing your social media to free up some time? We would love to discuss options with you! Drop us an email at info@impulsarmarketing.com and let’s chat. There’s no charge and no obligation. I’ll even spring for the coffee!