The ways in which the world gets information changes about as fast as the information itself these days, which makes the results of a recent survey interesting in both social and marketing circles.

Pew Research Center revealed that 62 percent of users get news from social media sources and 44 percent do so on at least a “sometimes” basis. This isn’t Earth-shattering news to those of us who keep a finger on the pulse of social media outlets for a living, but it does present some interesting questions for us to answer.

Will this social media news trend continue?

Odds are it will not only continue, but grow. Although the questions wasn’t exactly the same, Pew asked about social media and news in 2012. 49 percent of US adults reported “seeing” news on social media only four years ago. The number has increased 13 percent. There’s no way this drops off in the near term.

Who is reading the news on social media?

This question yields interesting results. In total, the biggest demographic in the US is adults aged 30-49. Yet, a look at individual social media platforms yields other results. On Facebook, for instance, the 30-49 age group is the largest. On Instagram, the largest group by far is 18-29. 

In terms of gender, women lead the way 52 percent to 48. In fact, men were the largest news consumers on only two platforms - YouTube and LinkedIn.

What should I do?

Use this study to your advantage! Pew has provided a good demographic look at social media news consumers. We already know that crafting your message to reach your target audience is important, and this should help you hone your message even further. It should also give you a good jumping-off point for some experimentation in presenting your message in a different way that provides value to your audience.

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